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Rowie Walker

Rowie Walker
President of RWA

Rowie Walker Accounting (RWA) Services Inc. was founded in Toronto in 1972 as a bookkeeping and accounting service provider to small and medium-sized businesses spanning many industries.  In the early eighties, Rowie was a pioneer in the field of computerized accounting, was an early adopter of New Views, and was the first recognized BusinessVision partner.  RWA has worked with hundreds of companies in the transition to digital accounting records.

In the mid-nineties, RWA launched two new divisions of the company – a training centre and a software consulting and development team.  Over the following years, the company was awarded four Sage President’s Circle awards and two Accounting Technology Pacesetter Awards.  In 2008, these divisions were merged with leading Sage and Microsoft partner Britec Computer Systems.  RWA moved down the hall in the same building returned to its roots as an accounting and bookkeeping service firm.

The RWA accounting team does its best to stay current with the industry technology and each representative is familiar with several different systems.  This way, we can grow with our clients by ensuring that any procedural and accounting advice we give considers both industry best practices as well as the features of the software applications in use.


  • To provide exceptional service
  • To be well trained and well-informed
  • To share our knowledge with our clients
  • To offer the level of service that we would expect to receive

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